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£250,000 UK Weekly Football Competition

If you’re looking for a free to enter competition with massive prize pools each week and look no further than Super6 from sky bet. Each week you have the chance to win £250,000 simply by correctly predicting the exact scores of six games from the English premiership or championship leagues. The competition is 100% free to enter for everyone over the age of 18 and living in the UK or Ireland.

It only takes a few minutes to sign up and once you have an account you can login and submit your predictions in about 30 seconds each week. This can be done via the standard browser or why not download the iPhone or android apps so you could always make your Super6 predictions on the move. Last year Super6 paid out three quarters of £1 million to Lucky prize worse and they will continue doing the next few years at least in total Super6 have paid out millions of pounds over the last few years to many lucky players.

This competition is run by sky bet popular UK bookmakers, they make their money are able to give away such generous prizes by promoting their sports book to their players. Of course there is no obligation to play at sky bet by three do you will be generously rewarded over £20 sign up bonus as well as further bonuses on is quite casino and the popular online poker room.

Getting started is easy but remember you must be 18 over and in the UK. If you already have a sky bet account you can login but the same details and submit your predictions. Making your predictions is easy and takes step you seconds to do as there are only six games to choose. Get all six correct swing the jackpot with a one as a prize £15,000 guaranteed each week to the highest scoring players. Leagues also one of only you so you can compete with friends or co-workers while also competing for the jackpot prize.

Enter the new world of Televised poker!

A year ago this site didn’t exist, online poker videos was either YouTube or Pokertube, but now a site has enter that has revolutionised the way we view online poker.! A great website which allows players to livve stream their computer monitoes to unlimited amount of viewers around the world! Players simply put a small delay (to avoid people seeing their hole cards live)  and they can broadcast their hands to 10,000s of fans from all corners of the globe!

This is rapidly making poker celebrities out of relativly unknown players and Jason MErcier especially is getting a huge following, thanks in part to his incredible skills at the table but also his winning and humble personality. During the recent SCOOP series in which Jason won an incredible 3 events! his stream was watched by 10,000 viewers as he kindly disecte every hand he played to his loving audience. As well as his MTT action he broadcasts his high stakes cash game action too, it’s incredible what he does for his fans as he is no doubt giving his opponent tonnes of insight to his play (yet he still crushes them). For those wondering Jason Mercier has offered coaching at $800 an hour! If I had the money to play  the biggest tournaments in the world I would snap his arm off!

Stickyrice1 is a big forum favourite, known as a relaitvely inexperienced players he is only to happy to ‘take shots’ with awful BRM he would buy in to a 5/10 game for the min and spin it up playing higher and higher stakes untill he had $40,000 or he busts (which usually happened 1st). His reactions are priceless especially when he hits his 3 outers, then watch him spiral out of control on the blackjack tables. Not a great warning about responsible gambling though!


Although twitch has many poker players broadcasthing at any one time it’s more aimted at the general gaming market for people to broadcast whatever the big PC game of the moment is, though poker was obviously a great fit for this format. Anyone can started viewing the streams via a browser of using the mobile app, and it’s free to stream your own games, but be warned it’s not easy to setup and some people have seriously messed up by revealing their sensitive data to viewers (or worse)

Greatest moment in TV Poker history

Since the poker boom around 10 years ago there has been an explosion in poker TV shows from High Stakes Poker to incredible live coerage of all major events around the world! Thanks to the advent on YouTube and now it’s never been a better time to be  a poker player. Here are my top moments in TV poker history.

When Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP in 2003 it sparked a huge poker boom, giving rise to sites like pokerstars and creating 100,000s poker players over night!


Victoria Coren shows that it’s not a male dominated sport as she takes down her 2nd EPT title. Not only is she a great poker player she also has a refreshing personality and makes for a fantastic guest on the big UK panel shows


Tom Dwan, once believed to be the biggest cash game pro on the planet is now rarely seen in any poker room (live or online) it’s rumoured he spends most of his days crushing the high stakes cash games in Macau. Either way he was an enjoyable player to watch with his super laggy style of player being rather revolutionary (at the time)


In recent years Phil Hellmuth has calmed down a bit, but he wasn’t called the poker brat for nothing! His blowups were legendary and he loves to make a specttacle of himself. Here is a great collection of his biggest meltdowns


Making a great call gives you such a great feeling of self confidence and can often save you or earn you enough chips to go on and takedown a tournament. Checkout this call from one of my new faouvirte MTT pros Jason Mercier


I could make a whole site dedicated to this man…. Phil Ivey, possible the greatest living all round poker pro on the planet right now! He can make some incredible plays and it’s as though everyone else is playing their hand face up. Don’t get in to a staring contest with him, his famous stare down will see you throwing your wallet at him and running out the casino in tears.

Improving your poker game

There are numerous ways to improve your game, if you have only just started out playing poker online and you want to improve to a level which can at least see you breaking even then you need to work on the game. Nowadays, everyone has easy access to educational tools, videos and books to help them improve as a poker player. Even recreational players are improving rapidly with the influx of poker tuition videos being posted on youtube  and various other channels. Pokerstars even has its own poker training website with some decent knowledge to help the fish gain more of an edge. Pokerstars would love everyone to be at the same decent level of poker, it’s creates a poker ecosystem where no one really wins in the long run apart from pokerstars, after all if everyone is at the same level then they just keep pushing chips to one another all the while making money for the site.

To get started on improving your game you should look at joining a poker training site, to get started checkout to +2 and their range of poker instructional videos. There are literally hundreds of poker training sites to choose from it depends entirely on which game you wish to improve as to whether you should join. Some people will be looking to improve cash games some tournaments and of course there are different variations of poker such as Texas hold ’em and pot limit Omaha et cetera.

You should also look into reading books there is a massive selection available these days on Amazon with Harrington on hold ’em being a great introduction to cash game play even my the book is really outdated it does give you some more on strategies for the absolute beginner. Recently Dan Harrington released his tournament strategy book which is much more up-to-date today is loose aggressive tournament playing style. Other worthwhile books is the mental game of poker which can be found on Amazon, it is a very useful book for those that suffer from till based emotion taken. It allows you to get your emotions under control while playing poker and stops you making too many calls when upset by bad beats or other players in general.

Another great resource areapoker forms such as 2+2. These forums allow you to post, dissect and analyse your hands with experts from around the world and more importantly experts in their field. Many of these pros offer one-on-one coaching, expect to pay to $100 an hour for low stakes training up to $500 an hour for the best multitable tournament coaches in the world.

choosing a room

When playing online it is important to do your research before signing up poker room. Things to look out for include sites running without a licence. For example, any site operating in the UK needs a licence from the UK gambling commission. As such if you are not a UK player but a website is licensed in the UK then you can be assured it is properly a reputable site.

Other things to look out for include what software is of a run. For example, some sites one now own custom software like poker stars and full tilt poker, while other sites like bet365 and ladbrokes run on ipoker which is a network poker software. What this means is there is one central network which players join no matter which side they are playing from, for example a player might be playing on bet365 against another player who is playing on a ladbrokes skin. By playing on a networked poker site it’s allows you to join because tournaments and more cash games at higher stakes as there were far more players available than if a site run its own poker room. Almost all major UK sports books run on ipoker, apart from sky poker which has its own software.

Other networks include Microgaming and ongame neither of which are particularly popular when compared to ipoker. Overall the most computer site in terms of traffic and cascading availability is by far poker stars. They have over 100,000 players online at any one time as opposed to many other sites including ipoker which may have only 5000.

Other things to look out for include rakeback. This is the process of getting cash back from every time you pay the house fees in either cash games or tournaments. The major rooms by poker stars do not offer rakeback instead they offer their own VIP system.If you are a recreational player probably won’t benefit that much from having a rakeback account, however frequent or full-time players can often make a lot of money playing specifically for rakeback. To sign up for a rakeback account visit rakeback nuts on Google. Almost all small lot poker sites offer this option in conjunction with a sign bonus to help increase their traffic. Bigger sites like big stars who have monopolies do not need to offer rakeback.

Remember to do your research any site before joining, a quick search can often reveal the current attitude towards any company. Also use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and do a search for their company profiles. See how active they are on social media and what the followers have to say about, it is often advisable to check for fake followers and likes. Any company using fake profiles is often a bad sign.

I often like to test out their customer support by sending them pretty basic questions and seeing how long they take to answer and what their customer support is actually like