Improving your poker game

There are numerous ways to improve your game, if you have only just started out playing poker online and you want to improve to a level which can at least see you breaking even then you need to work on the game. Nowadays, everyone has easy access to educational tools, videos and books to help them improve as a poker player. Even recreational players are improving rapidly with the influx of poker tuition videos being posted on youtube¬† and various other channels. Pokerstars even has its own poker training website with some decent knowledge to help the fish gain more of an edge. Pokerstars would love everyone to be at the same decent level of poker, it’s creates a poker ecosystem where no one really wins in the long run apart from pokerstars, after all if everyone is at the same level then they just keep pushing chips to one another all the while making money for the site.

To get started on improving your game you should look at joining a poker training site, to get started checkout to +2 and their range of poker instructional videos. There are literally hundreds of poker training sites to choose from it depends entirely on which game you wish to improve as to whether you should join. Some people will be looking to improve cash games some tournaments and of course there are different variations of poker such as Texas hold ’em and pot limit Omaha et cetera.

You should also look into reading books there is a massive selection available these days on Amazon with Harrington on hold ’em being a great introduction to cash game play even my the book is really outdated it does give you some more on strategies for the absolute beginner. Recently Dan Harrington released his tournament strategy book which is much more up-to-date today is loose aggressive tournament playing style. Other worthwhile books is the mental game of poker which can be found on Amazon, it is a very useful book for those that suffer from till based emotion taken. It allows you to get your emotions under control while playing poker and stops you making too many calls when upset by bad beats or other players in general.

Another great resource areapoker forms such as 2+2. These forums allow you to post, dissect and analyse your hands with experts from around the world and more importantly experts in their field. Many of these pros offer one-on-one coaching, expect to pay to $100 an hour for low stakes training up to $500 an hour for the best multitable tournament coaches in the world.