Greatest moment in TV Poker history

Since the poker boom around 10 years ago there has been an explosion in poker TV shows from High Stakes Poker to incredible live coerage of all major events around the world! Thanks to the advent on YouTube and now it’s never been a better time to be  a poker player. Here are my top moments in TV poker history.

When Chris Moneymaker won the WSOP in 2003 it sparked a huge poker boom, giving rise to sites like pokerstars and creating 100,000s poker players over night!


Victoria Coren shows that it’s not a male dominated sport as she takes down her 2nd EPT title. Not only is she a great poker player she also has a refreshing personality and makes for a fantastic guest on the big UK panel shows


Tom Dwan, once believed to be the biggest cash game pro on the planet is now rarely seen in any poker room (live or online) it’s rumoured he spends most of his days crushing the high stakes cash games in Macau. Either way he was an enjoyable player to watch with his super laggy style of player being rather revolutionary (at the time)


In recent years Phil Hellmuth has calmed down a bit, but he wasn’t called the poker brat for nothing! His blowups were legendary and he loves to make a specttacle of himself. Here is a great collection of his biggest meltdowns


Making a great call gives you such a great feeling of self confidence and can often save you or earn you enough chips to go on and takedown a tournament. Checkout this call from one of my new faouvirte MTT pros Jason Mercier


I could make a whole site dedicated to this man…. Phil Ivey, possible the greatest living all round poker pro on the planet right now! He can make some incredible plays and it’s as though everyone else is playing their hand face up. Don’t get in to a staring contest with him, his famous stare down will see you throwing your wallet at him and running out the casino in tears.