Enter the new world of Televised poker!

A year ago this site didn’t exist, online poker videos was either YouTube or Pokertube, but now a site has enter that has revolutionised the way we view online poker. Twitch.tv! A great website which allows players to livve stream their computer monitoes to unlimited amount of viewers around the world! Players simply put a small delay (to avoid people seeing their hole cards live)  and they can broadcast their hands to 10,000s of fans from all corners of the globe!

This is rapidly making poker celebrities out of relativly unknown players and Jason MErcier especially is getting a huge following, thanks in part to his incredible skills at the table but also his winning and humble personality. During the recent SCOOP series in which Jason won an incredible 3 events! his stream was watched by 10,000 viewers as he kindly disecte every hand he played to his loving audience. As well as his MTT action he broadcasts his high stakes cash game action too, it’s incredible what he does for his fans as he is no doubt giving his opponent tonnes of insight to his play (yet he still crushes them). For those wondering Jason Mercier has offered coaching at $800 an hour! If I had the money to play  the biggest tournaments in the world I would snap his arm off!

Stickyrice1 is a big forum favourite, known as a relaitvely inexperienced players he is only to happy to ‘take shots’ with awful BRM he would buy in to a 5/10 game for the min and spin it up playing higher and higher stakes untill he had $40,000 or he busts (which usually happened 1st). His reactions are priceless especially when he hits his 3 outers, then watch him spiral out of control on the blackjack tables. Not a great warning about responsible gambling though!


Although twitch has many poker players broadcasthing at any one time it’s more aimted at the general gaming market for people to broadcast whatever the big PC game of the moment is, though poker was obviously a great fit for this format. Anyone can started viewing the streams via a browser of using the mobile app, and it’s free to stream your own games, but be warned it’s not easy to setup and some people have seriously messed up by revealing their sensitive data to viewers (or worse)