choosing a room

When playing online it is important to do your research before signing up poker room. Things to look out for include sites running without a licence. For example, any site operating in the UK needs a licence from the UK gambling commission. As such if you are not a UK player but a website is licensed in the UK then you can be assured it is properly a reputable site.

Other things to look out for include what software is of a run. For example, some sites one now own custom software like poker stars and full tilt poker, while other sites like bet365 and ladbrokes run on ipoker which is a network poker software. What this means is there is one central network which players join no matter which side they are playing from, for example a player might be playing on bet365 against another player who is playing on a ladbrokes skin. By playing on a networked poker site it’s allows you to join because tournaments and more cash games at higher stakes as there were far more players available than if a site run its own poker room. Almost all major UK sports books run on ipoker, apart from sky poker which has its own software.

Other networks include Microgaming and ongame neither of which are particularly popular when compared to ipoker. Overall the most computer site in terms of traffic and cascading availability is by far poker stars. They have over 100,000 players online at any one time as opposed to many other sites including ipoker which may have only 5000.

Other things to look out for include rakeback. This is the process of getting cash back from every time you pay the house fees in either cash games or tournaments. The major rooms by poker stars do not offer rakeback instead they offer their own VIP system.If you are a recreational player probably won’t benefit that much from having a rakeback account, however frequent or full-time players can often make a lot of money playing specifically for rakeback. To sign up for a rakeback account visit rakeback nuts on Google. Almost all small lot poker sites offer this option in conjunction with a sign bonus to help increase their traffic. Bigger sites like big stars who have monopolies do not need to offer rakeback.

Remember to do your research any site before joining, a quick search can often reveal the current attitude towards any company. Also use social media sites like Facebook or Twitter and do a search for their company profiles. See how active they are on social media and what the followers have to say about, it is often advisable to check for fake followers and likes. Any company using fake profiles is often a bad sign.

I often like to test out their customer support by sending them pretty basic questions and seeing how long they take to answer and what their customer support is actually like